What Is the Difference Between the Mask and the Conditioner?

Although you may believe that the mask and conditioner are very similar products, the truth is that there are differences between them. Discover them here!

If you think that the use of the mask and the conditioner are not compatible, you should know their differences to include them in your hair care routine.

As you know, if you are looking for beautiful and healthy hair, it is important that you follow a specific care routine for your hair type. In that routine, the protagonist is usually the shampoo, but it is not the only product you should use to get the hair of your dreams. Next to him, the conditioner and the mask form the winning trio to maintain a shot of envy. But … what exactly do the mask and conditioner do?

What is the conditioner for?

The conditioner, as the name implies, is used to condition. That is, moisturize the hair and leave it soft after having thoroughly cleaned with the shampoo. Its formula is light , which helps to apply the product daily. Once the shampoo is rinsed and on wet hair, the medium conditioner is applied to ends. Normally, it can be clarified instantly without the need to allow time for more effect.

What is the hair mask for?

The hair mask is a product that serves to deeply hydrate and leave hair soft. There are many different types and textures and should be chosen based on your hair type.

The mask is applied after having cleaned the hair from the means to the ends and applied the conditioner. Usually, the masks require a rest time for the product to fulfill its functions of deep nutrition. Once 5/10 minutes have passed, it is time to rinse the hair abundantly to remove any remaining product.

What are the differences between the conditioner and the mask?

  • Texture

The texture of each product is different to help it meet the objectives of the formula. Normally, the conditioner is lighter than the mask. This is because the first one can be applied daily and a lighter formula is needed to not weigh the hair.

Speaking of textures, we recommend The Original Remedies Milk-Mask , a mask that deeply nourishes, but with an ultra-light milk texture. All advantages!

  • Application frequency

The frequency with which you can use each product is the biggest difference between the two. The conditioner is intended for daily use, while the mask is usually used once a week . And, the mask moisturizes a lot in depth and excessive use can weigh the hair and grease it. With the Original Remedies Mask-Milk, thanks to its ultra light texture, you can use it daily. In addition, it is absorbed instantly!

  • Functions

The conditioner helps to leave hair soft and shiny, keeping frizz at bay. The mask helps to recover the optimal state of the hair fiber and deeply hydrate. The Original Remedies Mask-Milk combines these two functions and, in addition, it is quick rinse, no waiting time!

  • Both can be used at the same time.

By having different functions and textures, the conditioner and mask can be used at the same time . Once a week, after washing your hair with shampoo and applying the conditioner, you can wear your favorite mask.

Surely until now you had doubts about the conditioner and the mask, but now you know all its differences. Which one do you prefer? Do you use both? Or do you keep the milk mask? Tell us on our social networks!

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