What Are Vegan Cosmetics?

To the eco, biological and organic cosmetics has been added vegan cosmetics and it seems that it is not a simple fashion, but that it has arrived to stay! It has become a trend among the more ‘aware’, who follow a philosophy of natural life and exclude everything that has to do with animal cruelty.

What are vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are products that are free of ingredients of animal origin and their derivatives, only contain vegetable ingredients, nor are they tested on animals.

This type of cosmetics is inspired by veganism. It is a food trend where a diet free of food of animal origin and its derivatives is taken. This lifestyle is not only limited to food, but vegans do not wear authentic fur clothes, or fabrics in which there has been intervention of animal origin. Hence, veganism has spread to cosmetics.

Since vegan cosmetics also have a natural base, they tend to be confused with natural cosmetics. Both cosmetics are respectful of the environment and their ingredients come from nature, but the difference between them is precisely the use of ingredients of animal origin, since vegan cosmetics do not consider using them, but natural cosmetics do.

Among these ingredients of animal origin, we can find beeswax, propolis, albumin, lanolin, elastin and hyaluronic acid, among other elements that are also extracted from animals.

Benefits of using vegan cosmetics

In addition to being natural and free of animal elements , vegan cosmetics do not contain chemical elements that can be irritating. Being so harmless, they are softer and more delicate than conventional products and are suitable for all skin types.

Vegan cosmetics are highly effective , thanks to the active natural principles of vegetables that have a great potential for regeneration and purification. In addition, these results can be evidenced for longer.

Cosmetics that are marked as vegan have an added value, not only for vegans, but for everyone in general, as they guarantee that they comply with certain principles, consistent with the natural and free from animal cruelty, both in their preparation and in their process of testing.

At Garnier, we have developed Fructis Hair Food, the range for hair care, with 98% natural ingredients and no ingredients of animal origin or their derivatives. Nor does it contain silicones, parabens or synthetic dyes. These products with goji, banana, papaya and macadamia have three types of functions: as a conditioner, as a mask and as an intensive treatment.

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