Vegan Hair Products: Why Use Them?

Veganism is the trend based on leading a diet and lifestyle based on products of plant origin . This movement is the order of the day and not only transcends dietary issues, but also occupies other fields such as vegan cosmetics.

Before entering this world, we have to differentiate between natural and vegan cosmetics. The first may contain ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax, propolis or hyaluronic acid.

In contrast, vegan cosmetics are made up of 100% vegetable products that are not tested on animals, that is, cruelty free .

Benefits of vegan cosmetics

More and more people use vegan products for their beauty care due to the natural origin of its components, people who choose to bet on natural beauty products, who care for the environment and, in addition, are only of plant origin. More natural, impossible.

  • For all skin and hair types: since they do not contain chemical products, they are suitable for all skin and hair types, something very important for people who have greater sensitivity to chemical or non-natural products, which can cause irritation, itching bothersome and other skin reactions.
  • To help the environment: another virtue of using vegan products is that, lacking chemical ingredients, they are harmless and therefore beneficial to contribute to a more sustainable world.
  • Without silicones, or parabens: although they are agents that help to clean and preserve the products, it is also not good to abuse them because they can dry the hair or even help their aging.

And, as if that were not enough, they are for all budgets. How do we know?

From Garnier we firmly believe in the benefits of natural ingredients and we want to support the vegan movement and bring to all people products that meet vegan standards, affordable for all budgets and that can be used in all types of hair. As we have done? Thanks to our range of Fructis Hair Food, 3-in-1 hair products that you can use as a mask, conditioner or treatment without rinsing, but the greatest advance is inside.

The range is composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin, without silicones or parabens. In addition, its formula is biodegradable and sustainable. Try any of our four 3-in-1 ranges made of banana, papaya, Goji berries or macadamia! Join the veggie movement and visibly improve the quality of your hair!

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