Trend in Hairstyles 2018: Tall Pigtails

The ponytails are the most comfortable hairstyle and relieved of all further generally they tend to favor lot of women. If 2017 was the year of the low ponytails, the high ones will devastate in 2018. But if you are tired of the typical ponytail without grace, stay tuned for this article, since we propose you how to do it well and various hairstyles with high ponytails with which you do not You will go unnoticed at all. Take note!

Tall pigtails, much more than a classic hairstyle

Although a ponytail may look like something typical and simple, there are many details that can make this classic hairstyle change completely.

Also, if you are short, the tall ponytail will make you gain height visually and your neck will look much longer and more stylized.

4 steps to wear an ideal high ponytail

  1. First, comb your hair very carefully to free it from all tangles. Previously, do not forget to use a shampoo appropriate to your needs and a conditioner designed to pamper your hair to the tips.
  2. Protect your hair from heat if you straighten your hair: if you are going to use irons and dryers, it is recommended that you protect it from heat with a protector so as not to excessively damage your hair.
  3. After this step, you can already make your high ponytail. Use the right brush according to your hair type, and get to work! A good way to cover the rubber is to use a pigtail cover that allows a much more natural finish. If you love a ponytail with volume, you simply have to card your upper head.
  4. Fix your ponytail with lacquer (to control those unruly hairs) or other similar product. An ideal option is to use the new Hair Food range , a 3-in-1 product that is used as a styling cream without rinsing on dry hair. You will see how your hair will be soft and shiny!

Pigtails you’ll want to try!

In addition to a high ponytail with volume , you will also want to try one of these proposals:

  • High “imperfect” ponytail: the hair does not have to be 100% stiff, but you should make the ponytail creating a more casual look and consistent with a casual look.
  • High ponytail with strands outside : as in the previous case, this ponytail is suitable for “sport” or casual moments. Simply, you have to leave a few strands on your sides and voila!
  • Wavy high ponytail: if you want to give more personality to your look, nothing better than, with a pair of tongs, undulate your ponytail. In this way, you will get an extra point of glamor .
  • High ponytail with side stripe : you just have to draw a very well defined side stripe and then pick up your hair and make yourself an “imperfect” ponytail, while the hair falls sideways on the forehead simulating a bangs. Ideal for the most daring!

Remember that you can use Hair Food as a styling cream. Hair Food Macadamia can help you achieve perfect pigtails full of brightness and vitality. Now that you know the steps and variants of the high ponytails, what are you waiting for to look splendid?

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