The Latest in Pickups for Curly Hair Day Weddings

Having a hair with volume and waves does not have to be a drama when it comes to getting ready. On the contrary, you can take advantage of it and be very fun!

Curly hair is a symbol of personality and strength. When it comes to doing hairstyles, if you know how to handle it, you will make a difference without the need for irons, dryers and other harmful tools for your hair.

If you have a wedding day soon and you have curly hair, you can not ignore the following collection ideas that we present, they will get the best out of your lioness mane!

High bun

The bun is a classic. If you want to be the most elegant of the event, do not hesitate to opt for this hairstyle, especially if your dress is very pompous at the top. In this way, you will be able to highlight the cut and also your makeup.

The key for this hairstyle to look with your hair is to pick it up in a bun, exposing your curls in a high bun, at the height of the crown. Simple, practical, comfortable and flattering.

As you can see, your hair is what makes this hairstyle so different. For the most daring, we propose to leave some loose strands ahead to give the look more personality.

Side ponytail

For those who choose to wear a dress of word of honor is ideal. You will leave one shoulder exposed and, on the other, you will drop your beautiful mane with waves becoming the best accessory you can carry.

For this hairstyle, you will only have to pick up your hair with a pretty hairdo to the side you like the most and drop it down your chest. It is recommended that you have somewhat long hair so that the waterfall of your curls on your shoulder looks prettier.

To give it a more casual and natural touch, let loose a lock on your face on the opposite side where you’ve made your ponytail. With this collection you will be the sexiest wedding guest!

The low bun

This collection gives a lot of play since you can pick up your hair with a catcher right in the neck, or bet to move it a little to the sides to make it more personal.

It is great for those dresses in which a shoulder is left exposed, since they give full visibility to the cut of the dress. We advise you to leave two strands on each side of the hair leaving you like this, the line in the middle.

Another trick to make this hairstyle look more is to make the bun without much tension, leaving it a little loose, highlighting the movement of your waves at each step.

Now that you know the three most “trendy” collected at the time for weddings, do not forget that before combing your hair, you should apply a product according to the characteristics of your hair to enhance your curls and make them look bright and hydrated.

A beautiful hairstyle is useless if your hair is dull, stiff and without movement. Therefore, we suggest you use the Fructis hydromassage foam that has different variants depending on the finish you are looking for: more marked curls, wet effect or even perfect curls, you choose!

With these ideas and using the hydromassage foam, you will attract all eyes and be able to show off.

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