So Are the ‘Woodlights’ Wicks, the New Feeling

You can not miss the new trend in color.

They are called ‘woodlights’ and you will love them if you are a fan of lighting and giving depth to your hair without radical changes. We tell you all the secrets.

How are the wicks ‘woodlights’?

The ‘woodlights’ are crowned as the wicks of the season for their universality. Yes, how do you hear it! They are suitable wicks to give a twist to your look, whatever the base color of your hair. They play with different shades to create a sense of movement and depth , and give a touch of light to your hair. They are very natural wicks, focused on lighting the mane in a natural and relaxed way. For this, several different shades are used, lighter and darker, thus achieving the effect. The final result reminds the wood grain, hence its name.

If you declared eternal love to the balayage and fell asleep before the ‘babylights’, be careful, because the ‘woodlights’ can become your new crush . They can also be a good option for you if you have not dared with more marked trends, such as California wicks or ombré hair . If you do not want to lose naturalness or change your hair color, these wicks are the most subtle of all coloring trends.

Another benefit is that they are easier to maintain than other traditional wicks since, having naturalness as an objective, their application is freehand. In addition, when your hair grows, they will remain as natural highlights and you will not have the sensation of having roots and need to go to the hairdresser periodically.

How to get the wicks ‘woodlights’?

And precisely because it is a very natural color, similar to the tone of your hair and freehand, it can be an opportunity if you dare to do it at home! To recreate the ‘woodlights’, you will need several different shades, all similar to your base, some lighter and some darker. For example, to give depth to a dark brown hair, you can bet on combining the chocolate tone (4.15), light brown (5.0) and mahogany (5.5).

And if what you are looking for is a small change but with a simpler technique, do not worry! You can trust Olia, which has a formula without ammonia for a pleasant smell and with 60% oils. In addition, its creamy texture is very easy to apply at home, and has more than 30 shades to choose from to give that change to your hair you were looking for. You will love the shine it leaves on the hair!

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