Recover Hair Burned by Discoloration!

It is nothing new that hair suffers a lot when we bleach it. If you have signed up for the famous Californian wicks, you have made a radical change from those who do not think too much, or if you have done so to cover the annoying gray hair you will know what we are talking about.

The hair ends up burning, since a discoloration involves removing the pigment from the fiber and modifying the hair cuticle , which causes the hair to be weakened, dry and without its natural shine.

Luckily, all is not lost, girls! Because, as your grandmother says: nature is wise and, in addition, it is full of incredibly beneficial ingredients for our hair! If you are about to give up and jump fully into your hairdresser to end up “cutting for the healthy”, STOP! We have the solution to recover your hair burned by discoloration : You just have to read this article and you will again look healthy and shiny hair. We assure you.

Bye, bye ! Bad habits

After treatment as aggressive as a discoloration , it is very important to pamper our hair in a special way. Therefore, you have to break routines that may be sacred to you, but that will damage (even more) your hair.

  1. Avoid products with parabens

Surely you have heard of the blissful parabens… Many of the products carry this ingredient that serves as a preservative, but it is still a chemical agent that damages our hair and dries it. Just everything we want to avoid in such sensitive hair after fading.

  1. Give the dryer a break (and the irons)!

Many will be screaming and wanting to run away from this article. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about throwing the dryer and the irons out the bathroom window, but about reducing their use. If you are ironing your hair continuously and drying it, you are favoring that “straw effect” that already can give us a discoloration.

In addition, continuous exposure to the sun also causes the hair to dry out, so it is essential to protect our hair using caps, hats, scarves … or go to oils! Specifically there is one that is perfect for bleached hair. Guess which one?

  1. Discover Argan oil

The Argan oil, liquid gold from Arab countries such as Morocco, has become a basic beauty for all. Thanks to its high content of fatty acids, such as omega 6, and antioxidant agents, such as vitamin E, argan oil is the ultimate lifeline for bleached hair.

Do you want to feel your properties in the first person? Try the new range of Original Remedies Elixir from Argan. You will be giving your hair the nutrition and shine that it needs so much. You know, before cutting, turn to Garnier!

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