If You Want Straight Hair, Try Macadamia Oil!

For all the haters of frizz, we have what you are looking for : the macadamia oil. When this known Australian nut is pressed, a vegetable oil very rich in palmitoleic acid is obtained . And you will say, what is that?

Palmitoleic acid has all the set of properties that our hair needs. In addition, it deeply nourishes it , gives it strength and shine , prevents frizz and repairs damaged or burned hair. Bye bye scissors!

All these benefits are perfect to get the straight hair we have always wanted. If you want to know more about macadamia oil , read this article, and join the fashion of vegetable hair oils!

Macadamia oil benefits

This miraculous oil, not only contains palmitoleic acid, but is also very rich in vitamin E , essential antioxidants and omega 7 , among other properties. All these elements make macadamia oil the ideal ingredient to enjoy a smooth and shiny hair.

Deep hydration

Its high fat content will provide great hydration to our hair. Of course, it is very important to apply it exclusively on the ends if you have a hair that usually gets dirty very quickly, however, if your hair is dry, or is damaged, the oil is perfect for you.

Antioxidant properties

This small fruit is full of antioxidants that protect the health of our hair against external agents that can damage the hair fibers.

In addition, antioxidants are responsible for fighting free radicals , which are what cause premature aging of our hair, such as UVA rays or the polluting environment of cities.

Goodbye frizz, hello straight hair!

As we mentioned before, macadamia oil has a very high content of Omega 7 , a fatty acid very similar to sebum that we naturally produce in the scalp. With the passage of time, we stop producing so much sebum, so incorporating this ingredient would recover the natural smoothness of our hair.

In addition, macadamia oil greatly strengthens our hair, thus ending the annoying frizz.

There are many natural treatments, but producing this macadamia oil by yourself is virtually impossible. Therefore, we present the new Garnier 3-in-1 mask: Fructis HairFood Macadamia, which can also be used as a conditioner or treatment without rinsing. It is composed of vegetable ingredients and free of parabens and silicones. The perfect product to enjoy a silky smooth in the most natural way !

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