How to Dry Hair Quickly Without a Dryer?

We all know that using the dryer, being a powerful source of heat, is detrimental to the health of our hair, although it is also not good for our own health (especially when it is cold) to go with wet hair. Believe it or not, hair may dry quickly without using a hairdryer. Article by Wild at Heart blog. Yes, yes, how are you reading!

If you want to maintain the shine of your hair and prevent hair fibers from breaking more easily, follow these tips to quickly dry your hair. Stop damaged hair!

Apply conditioner

Believe it or not, the conditioner, apart from moisturizing the hair, helps it dry before! Thanks to the silicones that compose it, a kind of barrier that repels water is created.

Another tip that we give you is also to drain your hair well before applying it so that it penetrates more easily.

Say goodbye to the cotton towel!

Many times, when we get out of the shower, we dry our hair very hard with the towel, which causes great damage to the cuticle. Our recommendation is that, instead of rubbing, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel and let it absorb all the moisture . If you do it with the classic turban, there is no better formula.

Also, if instead of holding the turban for five minutes, you are twenty, the damage is infinitely less!


As we said before, it is better to be 20 minutes waiting for 5, but what if you take advantage of them? When you get out of the shower, instead of taking the dryer, perform all your beauty routines . For example, cream, depilate, makeup, breakfast … are some tasks you can do, because, before you know it, your hair will be dry without damaging it!

Wash your hair at night

There are many celebrities who wash their hair at night to avoid drying, why not you? When washing it before going to sleep, you avoid using the dryer , since you have no commitment other than your bed. If you wrap it in a cotton T-shirt, the result will be amazing!

Apply a styling product

The best solution for the hair to dry faster and thus not having to use the dryer is to apply a cream without rinsing that allows you to detangle the hair with ease and keep the frizz in place throughout the day.

Therefore, from Garnier, we present the new Aloe Hydra Bomb from the Fructis range . Thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera, it will leave your hair soft and hydrated, without the need to use the dryer. Discover it!

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