How to Comb Wavy Hair?

The wavy manes are among curly hair and straight hair, so they are the most difficult to define. And if not, tell your owners! Wavy hair usually has much less exaggerated waves than curly hair , but it is very difficult to achieve a defined appearance without resorting to external elements such as the dryer or the iron.

Although you think you have the losing battle against this rebellious mane, we bring you some tricks to define your hair without having to damage it with products that weigh it and punish it. Keep reading!

Tips to show a defined wavy hair!

Wavy hair is understood to be hair that has a straight root and the waves have an “S” shape , rather than the curls of curly hair we mentioned earlier.

This type of hair is characterized by having greater hydration than curly hair , which tends to frizz. So, to take care of it, it is important not to use fatty products, because they will give it a heavy and volumeless appearance. And what we want are beautiful and defined waves, right?

The most recommended products for this type of hair are milks or creams. Although they should be applied to the root of the hair because it will leave it greasy and without volume.

We advise you to try the Cream Oil of the Mythical Olive range of Original Remedies de Garnier, since it will leave your hair super nourished and, in addition, zero caking, thanks to its light texture , you can wear perfectly defined waves!

The importance of cutting

We are not talking about length, although obviously, the longer your mane, the wave will weigh more and be less defined .

If you want to prevent wavy hair from looking heavy, NEVER cut your hair straight . If you want to have a marked wave, but without going over, give your cut a slight parade in the tips. However, if you are one of those who like to highlight the wave and give a greater volume to your hair, bet on a layered cut.

As you have seen, if you are careful when choosing the haircut and use light products that do not weigh your hair , you can give your waves a very beautiful natural shape, without the need to be constantly using products that damage your hair. Bye bye plates!

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