Dry Hair? Banana Mask!

Do you suffer from the so-called “straw hair”? You are not the only one, according to statistics, half of the Spanish women have dry hair , while the other half has oily hair. The positive part is that it takes longer to get dirty, but the tips … the tips tend to be like the Sahara desert itself…

To make matters worse, the sun’s rays, dyes or discolorations and external heat sources (irons, hair dryers …) cause the hair to become more dry and damaged. Therefore, it is very important to take care of it in a special way: you have to use restorative treatments and very nutritious masks that will bring your life back.

Surely you’ve tried everything, but… and the banana? This well-known fruit found in almost every kitchen in the world can be our best ally to overcome dry hair. If you want to know more, keep reading this article and forget about bad-hair days !

The perfect nutrient combo

We have known for a lifetime that bananas are great for our health, but did you know why? No, it’s not worth it because your mother told you. The banana contains vitamins A, C and E , as well as essential minerals such as potassium and zinc , all of these nutrients help us take care of ourselves inside, but also bring great benefits to our hair.

Vitamin E or how to forget about split ends

If you are tired of having to go to the hairdresser every two to three to cut your ends (if you are lucky), try a banana mask and enjoy its antioxidant properties that will help you repair the damage to the follicles naturally. Wear a long and healthy hair!

Stop falling!

With the cold, our hair ends up losing strength, which leads to loss of volume, but luckily the banana contains large amounts of zinc , which balances hormone levels and builds healthy cells that prevent hair loss .

So, if you want to wear a pelazo, bright and nourished, we propose a homemade mask composed of two very ripe bananas and olive oil. (The problem is that you would have to be with her for more than half an hour to take effect. Oops!)

If you want faster results, move on to the new treatment concept: Fructis HairFood, its banana version composed of natural ingredients, can also be used as a conditioner or as a rinsing treatment . 3 in 1! A unique experience that will leave a #PelazoFructis, healthy, nourished and with an incredible smell . Go to HairFoods and you will notice the difference!

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