Dark Hair and Highlights? It Can!

The biggest problem for girls who have dark hair is to give that change we all need , at least once in a lifetime. In matters of hairstyle , we have all had a crisis of monotony and we have made a change of style without thinking carefully (sometimes it would be better to have thought a little more!).

That if bangs, that if radical cut, that if I change color … but this last change has always brought more of a headache to the brunettes . Any touch of color that you add to a hair with a dark base will be noticed and much!

Therefore, we bring you these tips to address the world of dye in the form of a reflection, and make your dark hair shine more than ever. You dare?

How to make your dark hair stand out?

The world of coloring is divided between the girls who want to continue having a natural appearance , in keeping with their tone, and the girls who want to start from scratch and risk with a tone very different from yours.

For dark-haired women , you can risk very easily, you just have to leave 5 shades less of your hair and it will be noticed by even the most clueless person you find. Therefore, we bring you these tips , so that your reflections have their own light !

A natural result

The very dark hair tends to highlight the features (and adds years to our look), so, stylists typically recommend adding reflexes to soften the face.

If you are looking for a natural style, the best shades are brown chocolate and honey , especially if you have a darker skin color, it will give a very sensual light to your hair and you will take a few years off!

Say hello to red!

A little more risky? It may, but reddish highlights are a classic for dark hair that has never stopped working, or going out of style. In addition, they work perfectly with intermediate skins. The tones that best contrast with dark hair are burgundy, mahogany or strawberry.

However, if your skin is much lighter, coppery oranges will combine great with your dark hair. Break with your routine!

For the riskiest

If you are one of those who likes to be stomping, a trend that is sweeping the runways and the streetstyle of fashion capitals , is to apply totally opposite reflections .

That is, at the base of your dark color, apply very light white or blond highlights . We know this reminds you of the 90s, but if you didn’t know it, the 90s are back!

Even so, if you do not want to lose the beauty and naturalness of your hair, we recommend you try our range of Garnier Nutrisse 5.35 Chocolate Coloring, it will give a light to your very natural hair, while taking care of it, maintaining a nourished color and radiant. Do not wait any longer and cheer up with the latest fashion in color!

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