Color Melting vs Balayage

If you are tired of seeing yourself always the same, but you do not dare with a radical change, you are in the perfect place.

Over the years, technology has been evolving by leaps and bounds and of course, like other services, it has been soaking up these advances, thus getting new hair dyeing techniques .

Gone are the mythical wicks or dyes that gave the hair a flat appearance, without shades, without life. Therefore, in this article we talk about the two techniques that are trend and that will get to give your hair that desired turn you are looking for: Color Melting and Balayage.

But … Which of the two do you choose?

The Balayage technique

It is a technique in which hair is degraded from the roots to the ends with a brush, freehand (or even with aluminum foil) creating wicks that blend perfectly with your hair, providing light and bright touches .

No heat utensils, harmful to the hair, are needed for this technique which is a great point in your favor. Another advantage is that it brings a lot of movement to the hair, creating a sophisticated, elegant and, above all, natural look.

This technique is recommended for dark hair, since the difference in tones is minimal, thus achieving a unified finish without losing its essence.

The Melting Color

The main difference of Color Melting with the Balayage technique is that in the second one more color is added to achieve an even more degraded finish.

It is said that Color Melting is as if you let an ounce of chocolate melt on your head, so the intensity of the color would be in the upper part of the hair and from half to ends the remains would remain.

It hardly needs maintenance, it is enough to pour oil on your tips once a week, in addition to using dry shampoo to prevent hair discoloration.

This technique is especially recommended for virgin hairs that have never suffered discoloration.

Garnier has at your disposal two types of colorations to make from home, getting the results you want without having to go to a beauty salon, with the guarantee of being products without ammonia that ensure your health.

If you opt for the balayage technique you have to try the Olia 5.9 Dark Bronze Coloration and if you are more of Melting Color, the Olia 6.9 Pure Bronze Coloration .

Now you can join the latest hair color trends and wear a mane to 2018!

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