Benefits and Properties of Goji Berries for Hair

From the ancient Chinese goji berries arrive , fruits that, for a few years, have been incorporated into healthy diets. And it’s not because! But the reasons for this implementation have to do with its endless benefits for health and aesthetics.

In addition, the properties of goji berries (also known as’ cherries of Tibet) do not remain, only, inside your body when eating them, but, also, they are very beneficial for your hair . They are all advantages!

The magnificent properties of goji berries

Traditional Chinese medicine has been and continues to be a world reference for healthy living . From the country of the Great Wall comes, for example, acupuncture, an ancient technique to reduce pain that is even used in slimming treatments.

The last thing that Western culture has borrowed from China has been to incorporate goji berries . Given this, we can only say welcome! and its properties:

  1. They are antioxidants, so they delay aging , which affects stronger and softer skin and hair .
  2. They help maintain normal blood pressure, which results in a healthy heart and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, proper blood circulation is essential for a healthy scalp .
  3. They are ideal for reconciling restful sleep, which has a more relaxed body and mind and, therefore, healthier, more balanced and with less stress! Thanks to this, it helps prevent hair loss .
  4. Because of their high level of polysaccharides, they are recommended for those who wish to lose weight in a healthy way .
  5. They perform a detoxifying work in the liver. This is important because, on occasion, excessive hair loss is related to problems in this organ.

Benefits of goji berries for your hair

As we said at the beginning, when you eat goji berries, you not only take care of the inside of your body, but their effects have an impact on your appearance.

But, in addition, you can accelerate these effects if you apply, directly on the hair, products that are composed of goji berries, such as the impending Fructis Hair Food Goji de Garnier .

The benefits of this hair product, made with goji berries , are many! We discover some:

  • If you have dyed hair, keep the color and luminosity as vivid as the first day.
  • It has a 3-in-1 power , since it fulfills the functions of conditioner, mask and top-of-the-range hair health treatment. In fact, you can use Garnier Fructis Hair Food Goji , with or without rinsing, as a conditioner, as a mask or as a nutrition treatment.
  • It helps to regenerate dry hair , as well as to increase the thickness, softness and strength of the hair.
  • The antioxidant feature that we mentioned in the previous section results in a shiny mane , as if the years did not pass through you!

As you have seen, goji berries are here to stay. And is not for less! Because incorporating them into your daily routine will result in a substantial improvement in your hair. So, you know, become a Goji Girl and show off!

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