Argan Oil, the Best Treatment for Dry and Dull Hair

Known as the ‘liquid gold’ of Morocco , argan oil has traveled from North Africa to our homes to become a “ must” in our beauty routine . This vegetable oil is perfect to combat the dryness of our hair , in addition, thanks to its multitude of properties, it is perfect to return that lost shine (especially after summer!).

If you want to know more about this fantastic product, keep reading this article and find out everything that argan oil can bring to your hair. Aim!

Your ally No. 1 against dry hair

With the passage of time, our hair tends to fade , to lose that shine and vitality that make it so desirable, but thanks to argan oil, all these problems will disappear!

Nourishes and brightens hair

Thanks to its richness in omega 6 and vitamin E , it is our perfect ally to combat the famous “straw effect”, but it is also ideal for recovering skin damaged by external agents such as UVA rays or pollution.

In addition, vitamin E, which also have macadamia oil or avocado, helps us give an incredible shine to our hair, leaving behind the ” bad hair days”!

If you have dared to try this millenary oil, you can make a natural mask with honey and egg. We warn you that the mixture can be somewhat sticky, although very effective.

If you want to check the benefits of argan oil for your hair, but you also don’t want to grease it, use products that contain this oil , among others, as the main component. At Garnier, we recommend you try the Arixan Elixir range from Original Remedies , which will return the shine to your hair, while nourishing and untangling it. All in one!

Tip to protect hair

If you are one of them, they use the dryer or irons a lot and you end up with burnt hair, having to go to the hairdresser every two to three to fix the tips, we have something to tell you.

If you take a few drops of argan oil before using the dryer or irons , you will create a protective barrier that greatly limits the damage that heat causes to the hair. Of course, be careful and only use argan oil on the tips !

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