5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls That All Fathers (And Mothers) Can Do!

Every March 19, a very special day is celebrated in our country for both adults and children: Father’s Day . From Garnier, we want to congratulate those off-road parents by contributing ideas for one of the most complicated tasks for everyone: combing the princesses of the house.

We know that it is not easy to make different hairstyles every day, and less during the week, in the hurry of going to school, but we have been obliged to write this article when seeing parents making their girls pigtails with a vacuum cleaner (true ).

If you have a daughter who loves to play with her hairstyles, look at these we propose! They are very easy to make and are precious for all occasions , from going to school to special events such as communions or baptisms. So, take note and take out the stylist you have inside!

The braid of herringbone, a must!

We are still not sure if this trend was taken by Princess Rapunzel, with her beautiful long hair so careful … Ok, just kidding! Princesses apart, this braid is perfect for any moment . Being a pickup, it is very comfortable to play and that your little one does not end up with all the hair on the face, but it is also perfect for a special occasion.

Watch this short video and discover step by step how to make a tang braid. You will see how easy!

A trick! To make braids more easily, it is very important to untangle the hair well . We advise you to use conditioner or mask at the time of bathing and comb it well so that the braid is perfect!

The most practical: the top knot

The classic reinvented ballerina bun is an off-road hairstyle for warrior and active girls, and is easier to do than it seems.

First, make a ponytail. When securing the hair with a rubber band, leave a loose strand, divide it into two parts, and pass the free part of the ponytail in the middle of the strand to form a bun. To give it more fixation, hold the ends with a hairpin (try to be the color of the girl’s hair). And vĂ²ila!

The simplest: the romantic queue

It is another classic reimagined, in this case, of the rescued pigtail. This look is perfect to go to school with a more fun touch.

You just have to separate the hair at the top and make a simple short braid (the basic one of a lifetime), then join the braid with the rest of the hair and join everything with a rubber band. If you want to give it a more special look, turn the ponytail into a bun.

The most daring: an asymmetrical bun

This hairstyle reminds us of the style of the little Japanese. Before you start, you have to make sure that there is no tangle so that it goes well.

Make a ponytail, very close, to the side of the head. Turn the hair to the same side, roll it up and tie a knot. Secure the bun with more than one rubber and, if necessary, use hairpins to keep all the hairs in place.

Extra tip: You can pull a lock in front so that it is not so serious … but surely that already takes care of it by playing!

And the most creative: the inverted ponytail!

Less is more . This infallible formula also works for the hairstyles we can offer our little ones. Follow these steps and you will see what a beautiful and different pigtail!

First, divide the hair with a side parting. From one end, separate a small strand from the side of the face and roll it up (you are allowed extra help from your little one to hold the strand). Then, pick up the rest of the hair with the help of a comb, join the rolled strand and make a low ponytail, which is in the center. Finally, loosen the rubber, make a hole in the base of the ponytail and run your hair down there.

If these tips have been useful, try to do them with the range of oils without rinsing of Original Remedies de Garnier, its natural ingredients will help you tame the hair of the little while nourishing it. Go from father to father!

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