4 Fruits and Their Benefits for Your Hair

We all know how beneficial fruits are for our health, but did you know that there are super fruits full of properties for your hair and skin? It is increasingly common to see how new diets and trends appear to have radiant skin and hair thanks to these foods.

Fruits are an insatiable source of nutrients and minerals beneficial to our wellbeing, inside and out. Because taking care of yourself inside it shows and a lot! See calcium (milk) in the nails, omega 3 (salmon) in the skin and, of course, fruits, such as bananas or papaya, in the hair.

If you want to know some beneficial fruits for hair care , take note!

Fruits beneficial for hair care

Fruits are the best allies for our health and our beauty. We present a selection with different benefits for our hair, you can include them in your beauty routine (for best results) or directly in your diet. You choose!


This delicious fruit, besides being exquisite, is a perfect ingredient for the care of our hair, and we could not agree more! The papaya, in addition to its other benefits for our body, is a naturally refreshing for our hair , because, thanks to its high content of beta-carotene, is the perfect ally to combat dryness and repair the parts most damaged.

In addition, in its composition, we find vitamins A and C , antioxidants and essential minerals that help the growth of healthy and strong hair.

From Garnier, we recommend trying Hair Food Papaya , the definitive cure for damaged hair and, if that were not enough, composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin . Try it and see how it favors your hair from the first moment!

Goji berries

Many will be thinking, does this eat? Yes, it is eaten and, in addition, they have many beneficial properties for our health. They are antioxidants , lower cholesterol and even have aphrodisiac properties.

But what about our hair? Due to its high content of antioxidant properties, it delays hair aging , helping to strengthen the hair and restore its natural shine . In addition, goji berries are excellent for dyed hair , as they help keep their color alive as the first day.

If you want to try the benefits of this fruit, we recommend Garnier Hair Food Goji , the 3-in-1 hair product that significantly improves the quality and shine of your hair. Your results will fascinate you!


Did you know that the fruit that everyone has in their homes is splendid for the well-being of your hair ? The banana is a real wonder! And because?

  • Nourishes the hair in depth
  • Brings shine
  • It gives you strength
  • It is perfect for repairing split ends.

Therefore, we encourage you to try Hair Food Banana , a super nutrient-filled product that will return the nutrition that your hair needs and, in addition, can be applied without clarifying. We are sure you will love it!


And we finish with the crème de la crème! In this case it is not a fruit in itself, but a dried fruit, we are talking about macadamia nuts.

These nuts, originally from Australia, have a creamy and crunchy texture that make it a delicacy for the palate. But not only that! But its oil is ideal for hair care because of its high omega-7 fatty acid components that are very beneficial for your hair’s sebum, so it is an excellent nutritious and restorative ingredient.

Hair Food Macadamia is not only indicated for dry hair, its smoothing properties are perfect for your end-looks, try it dry when you’re combing and hallucinates with its aroma.

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