Solar Energy

Solar power products

A wide range of products for every project, Photovoltaic Solar panels, Solar air and water heaters, inverters, batteries and power storage units, Solar roof vents - flat, curb, and gable end.

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Wind Energy

Wind power solutions and products

 Niagara WindPower Inc. strives to offer the latest and best products on the market. We have everything you need to start generating your own energy for your house or farm.

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Geo-thermal Energy

Geo-thermal energy products niagara

One of the most effective cost saving energy tools, our geothermal systems take a big bite out of your biggest bill - Heating and Cooling. Use underground temperatures to regulate the temperature in your house.

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We install what we sell

Niagara WidPower installs

Our technicians can install your project for you. Have the peace of mind knowing your project was installed safely and correctly. Our in house installation team can bring your solar installation the reliability and energy yield to earn back every cent you invested.


Power to go energy solutions

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We carry a wide range of solar, wind, and geo-thermal parts and accessories. Our in house installation team will bring your alternative energy installation to life.