What is Feed-In Tariff (microFIT / FIT)?

The Ontario Power Authority (the "OPA") has developed a Feed-In Tariff (the "FIT") Program for the Province of Ontario to encourage and promote greater use of renewable energy sources, including solar photovoltaic ("solar pv"), wind, waterpower, renewable biomass, bio-gas, landfill gas and for electricity generating projects in Ontario.


The FIT Program is available in two parts:

microFIT: solar projects 10 kW or less

FIT: solar projects over 10kW


Participants in either the FIT or microFIT Program will include individuals, proprietorships, partnerships and corporations that meet the eligibility requirements.

Under each Program, a Participant with an approved renewable energy project will enter into a contract with the OPA to supply the electricity generated from the renewable energy project to the electricity distribution system. The terms of the contract generally provide that the Participant will be paid for each kWh of electricity generated from the renewable energy project, regardless of whether the electricity is consumed by the participant or delivered to the electricity distribution system.


Benefits of microFIT Program

·         Put money in your pocket using incentives offered by the microFIT program and earning a 15% return on your investment in a solar power system. Investing in microFIT is considered one of the safest investments in Canada

·         Increase the re-sale value of your property by investing in microFIT program. Should you decide to sell, a microFIT system is considered an upgrade to your home. The revenue generated by your microFIT system will be attractive to potential buyers

·         Help creating thousands of new jobs by supporting 60% Ontario manufactured content

·         microFIT systems generate electricity from a renewable source and reduce reliance on coal and nuclear generated electricity

·         Solar systems produce no pollution and 90% of the materials used in the PV cells are reusable or recyclable

·         Adding solar to your roof is just like renting out that basement apartment you may not have, and the best part is this tenant pays on time, is guaranteed for 20 years, and never makes any noise!

·         Roof surface under solar modules will last longer as it is now protected from the UV rays of the sun, and the pounding of rain and snow.

·         Installing solar is simple and requires no rewiring of your house


What system is good for you?

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Niagara Windpower helps to create thousands of new jobs by getting a solar power system and supporting 60% Ontario manufactured content.






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