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 One of the most effective cost saving energy tools, our geothermal systems take a big bite out of your biggest bill. Heating and cooling consumes more energy than any other residential function, no matter what kind of system you use. With geothermal systems that cost can be reduced by using underground temperatures to regulate the temperature in your house. It may replace your standard furnace, it may also reduce how often you need to use space heating.

Geothermal heating and cooling is more about storage than anything else. Pull the warm from the ground in the winter to use in the summer and vise versa. In Canada this unit is even more effective, where warmer summers and cooler winters add up. It doesn't require a degree to see the benefits, for those of you that do please read this environmental impact equation.


Geothermal Equation

 Geothermal systems qualify for a substantial subsidies. On average that can be half of the price of the equipment, making geothermal an economical choice. The value of the equipment is much greater though, the savings on home energy costs can often negate the cost of the unit and installation in just a few years. In Canada an installation in 2010 could negate the cost of a heating oil system in three (3) years, a natural gas furnace in thirteen (13) years, or electric heating in six (6) years. (See Data)



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