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 10kW Bergey going up in Binbrook Ont.

And - up

 10kW Bergey all the way up

   Cottage Back -up System Honey Harbour On


 Hybrid Home System in Wainfleet ON

 Weather Station Hwy-20

 10kW Microfit system in Ridgeway Ont.

 10kW Microfit system Ridgeway Ont.

 10kW microfit ground mount system St.Ann,s Ont.

 10kW microfit system Welland Ont.

 Home Back-up System in Dunnville On

 10kW microfit system Ridgeway Ont

 Solar install Vineland ON

 10kW microfit system St.Catharines Ont.



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 Wind & Solar In Fort Erie On.


 Wind & Solar Fort Erie On.

 Solar Hot Water System Port Colborne On.

 1kW Lakota In Welland On.

 1.2kW Windterra Install

 1.2 kW Windterra Turbine In Thorold On.

 1kW Lakota & 50Ft Tower

 1kW Lakota Wind Turbine & 50Ft Tower In Wainfleet On.

 "NO Baby Animals Were Harmed In This Install"

 2.4kW Skystream In Wainfleet On.




 Wind & solar Cottage Back-up System Honey Harbour On.

 10kW microFIT Ground Mount  System In Ohsweken On. 

 10kW   microFIT Ground Mount In Ohsweken On.

 1.2kW Wind Terra In Ottawa On.

 1kW Bergey In Port Colborne On.

 Solar PV & Hot Water System In St. Catharines On.

 1kW Southwest In Fort Erie On.

 10kW Bergey In Selkirk On.

 CTC St. Catharines On.

 CTC St. Catharines On.


Canadian Tire In St. Catharines On.

 Solar & Wind



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